Sign of the Times?

Ryan watching highlights
Ryan watching highlights on my laptop. Nothing unusual about that … or is there?

The scene: Our living room, this morning some time post-breakfast and pre-departure for the school bus.

At this hour, Ryan can typically be found either watching NHL Network on TV, watching NHL highlights on, or playing NHL 2K on his iPad until we prod him to pack his bag and get ready for school.

This morning, I had to do a double-take. Ryan had grabbed my laptop — no surprise in that. He was watching sports highlights. Again, nothing abnormal there. But those were not hockey highlights.

I realize the glare in the above photo makes it impossible to see what’s on the computer screen. Luckily for you, I took a screen capture. highlights
Maybe Ryan is serious about this Jets thing.

Two observations:

1) Ryan’s interest in the NFL, and the Jets, appears to be more than a passing thing. This makes me happy. Very happy. We watched several hours of football together yesterday, but he couldn’t see the end of the Jets game because he had a hockey game.

2) The NHL season needs to start, like, soon!

Sorry for the short post today, as I wasn’t much in the mood for writing. I’ll have an update later in the week on how the experiment with Ryan’s medication is going.


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