Dreams Deferred, Not Defeated

Yesterday, for the first time, Ryan took the ice as a high-school hockey player as the team began on-ice practice for the upcoming season. There were so many points on this autism journey when I thought that would never be possible. Dreams of watching my son play competitive team sports were lost in the early […]

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Set ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down

Sometimes it seems like the only that is consistent about our autism journey is change. It’s an odd thing to call consistent, of course, but it’s true. While we focus on the present, we sometimes miss the bigger-picture changes that are happening right in front of our eyes. That is, until some milestone, event, or […]

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Music to My Ears

Apologies for the extended absence. I have been away since the start of the Stanley Cup Final more than a week ago, making it tough to find the time to write. But Veronica relayed a story on the phone this morning that I wanted to share. As I write this, the Tampa Bay Lightning lead […]

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I Think He’s Ready for This

As Ryan progressed through youth hockey the last few years, there was always one overriding concern for us: checking. About this our worries were no different from any other parent. We just wanted to make sure our son was safe. Given that Ryan got a late start playing the game, the concerns was that he […]

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