The Meaning of a Picture

Something interesting happened at the Michigan-Rutgers game Saturday night. No, not Michigan’s loss. Those are becoming routine. No, not that Michigan put 10 men out on a special-teams play, again. No not that Michigan mismanaged the clock, again. You get the picture. No, this interesting thing happened before the game. We had settled into our […]

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Spontaneity Is for Us

Riley would have been up for the trip. Had Ryan been on board, we might well have spent much of Sunday in the car. But when we floated the idea at breakfast, he was not having it. It’s not that he has an aversion to car trips, he’s actually quite good despite the lack of […]

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XIII Years in the Making

Yesterday’s Super Bowl XLVIII, played just a few miles from us at MetLife Stadium, was a dud. It was a throwback to the Super Bowls of my teen years, when the Broncos or the Bills or some other hapless AFC opponent was seemingly getting trounced every year. The Seahawks led, 2-0, after 12 seconds. Any […]

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