Hope and Game Seven

Sometime after midnight tonight, I will tiptoe into Ryan’s room. I will kneel at his bedside, brush his hair from his face, and gently prod him awake with my hand. He will bolt upright in bed, because that is how he always wakes up — instant on, ready to go, 100 miles per hour. The […]

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Thank-You Notes, Ryan Style

Last week I heard from an old work colleague on Facebook. We haven’t worked together for nearly a decade, but have kept in touch over social media. R is a reader and occasional commenter on the blog, a talented writer, a dad to two beautiful girls, and a “hockey person.” In these parts, “hockey person” […]

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An Extraordinary Gesture

This will not be a post about autism. Like many of you, I read the new CDC autism prevalence report. I watched the Autism Speaks press conference from Washington that followed. I stewed over the borderline irresponsible reporting on this morning’s television news. And … I need some time to process how I feel about […]

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Ryan on the Sharks hompeage

Ryan on the Sharks hompeage

That’s Joe Thornton. That’s my son. That’s the Sharks official Web site. That’s my son on the homepage of the Sharks official web site. Click photo to see the full story.

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