It’s Friday the 13th — but I’m excited, not afraid. You know why? Here’s a few hints. Exciting things are afoot, but I don’t have time to write about them just now. More soon.

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This Post Brought To You by Snowpocalypse 2015

The weather and I don’t agree on my need to get home from the NHL All-Star Game, so this post is brought to you from somewhere on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

As a result, we’ll be keeping this one short and sweet.

Sorry, kids, no souvenirs from this trip unless you count these photos. These are the all-star celebs my kids are most interested in: SJ Sharkie and Fall Out Boy. I bet you can figure out which kid cares about which.



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Technology Is Cool

Ryan and I went for a walk Sunday. I wanted to get out of the house and get some exercise. He wanted to get some pizza. So we set out for the pizza parlor about 20 minutes away. Ryan grabbed his phone — and his headphones. Music has become his constant companion. On any walk, […]

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Chasing Perfection

If we’re lucky, we all get a few magical, red-letter days. We’ve had the good fortune to experience a few of those with Ryan over the last several years, and many have been documented on this blog. Trying to repeat the experience can be tricky. The reasons why are obvious: part of what made the […]

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Photo Friday: Sharknado 3

Ryan in his Sharks hat
Hey Jumbo – Ryan is ready to watch you play this weekend.

No time to write this morning. That’s what midnight beer-league hockey will do to you. We have a BIG weekend planned. The San Jose Sharks have come to the northeast, and we’ll be seeing them live against the Devils on Saturday and the Rangers on Sunday. So Ryan’s choice for “hat day” at school was an easy one.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Go Sharks!

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