Thank-You Notes, Ryan Style

Ryan and S.J. Sharkie
Ryan with his newest Sharks good-luck charm

Last week I heard from an old work colleague on Facebook. We haven’t worked together for nearly a decade, but have kept in touch over social media. R is a reader and occasional commenter on the blog, a talented writer, a dad to two beautiful girls, and a “hockey person.”

In these parts, “hockey person” is synonymous with all-around terrific human. People like Ryan’s former peewee hockey coach, my friend at the Sharks and the team PR director, Ryan’s current street hockey coach, and so many more.

R fits the bill. After my recent post about Ryan’s visit with the Sharks, he sent me a message saying he had something for Ryan. R had once written a big package on NHL mascots and many had sent him mementos. He asked for our address.

A few days later, a package showed up addressed to Ryan. He tore it open to find a hand puppet of S.J. Sharkie, the team mascot. Even better was a personal note from R, written from one hockey fan to another.

R told Ryan that, as the biggest Sharks fan he knew, he wanted Ryan to have Sharkie.

Ryan loved it. Veronica texted me a picture at the top of this post right away.

Sharkie has taken up residence in Ryan’s bed, alongside his cousin, the Sharks Pillow Pet. He’s become a key good-luck charm on the nights of big games. I suspect we’ll see a lot of him during San Jose’s upcoming first-round playoff series against the Los Angeles Kings.

We told Ryan he needed to send a thank you note to R. Of course he did it in his own unique style.

Thank you note
Ryan’s thank you note has a style all his own

Dear [R],
Thank you for my stuffed Sharkie. I love him. Now, let’s beat the living crap out of the Kings.

Hey, at least he didn’t curse.


6 thoughts on “Thank-You Notes, Ryan Style

  1. Dear Ryan,
    Glad you liked Sharkie. He was getting sick and tired of watching hockey games in my house, as my favorite teams are the Rangers and whoever is playing the Islanders and Devils. I knew he’d be in good hands with you. I hope he brings you and San Jose lots of luck in the playoffs. Go Sharks!
    All the best,


  2. Great gift, great thank you note! My guy tends to write thank you notes when the gift given becomes valuable to him/he becomes aware of its value to him. It can take a couple of months!


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