Iron Man

My great friend T. competed in the Ironman triathlon world championships in Kona, Hawaii Saturday. He earned his spot in the pinnacle of the sport by finishing with a qualifying time in another Ironman race (2.1-mile swim, 126-mile bike, and a full marathon) last year. It’s a feat of endurance, athleticism, strength and courage that […]

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Hail to the Victor: Me

Hockey may be the main sport I discuss here on the blog, but if you’ve hung out here for a bit you might have picked up that I have a bit of a thing for college football. Not just any college football — Michigan football. Since the day my son was born, I dreamed of […]

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The Flexibility Games

Flexibility and autism don’t exactly go together. Like so many on the spectrum, Ryan is married to routine — in ways that both help and hinder him. Routine is comforting, and helps him navigate his days. Once the “new” becomes the “familiar,” anxiety levels visibly drop. Whatever is familiar is rarely a challenge for him. […]

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He’s A Hockey Player

Ryan lost a tooth yesterday. We know this because he came up from watching TV in the basement during breakfast and announced “I lost a tooth.” Ever the literal child, Ryan’s pronouncement meant exactly what he said: He lost a tooth. As in, pulled it out of his mouth and misplaced it somewhere. Missing. Lost. […]

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