Sports Go Better With Family

I spend a lot of my free time watching sports. I mean, like, a lot. Good thing for me, I married well. Veronica and I met in a sports bar during the NCAA Tournament. The fact that she loves sports as much as I do has saved me approximately 6,857 arguments since we met. Our […]


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The Arc of a Football Season

It may not be much, but it’s an opening. A slight broadening of perspective. A willingness to try something new. And all of those are things to be celebrated in my house the way the Baltimore Ravens celebrated amidst the falling confetti at the Superdome on Sunday night. Ryan had a dalliance with football this […]

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Yes, NHL hockey is back, the season having begun Saturday, some three-plus months late due to a labor dispute. And I am confident in saying that no one was more excited than my son. Others may have equaled his excitement, but nobody surpassed it. Saturday, he planned to watch all 13 games, starting with a […]

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‘Tis the Season for Sharing

When Ryan retreats to his room and begins banging away at the computer keyboard, we never know quite what to expect. Often the result are exquisitely typed, perfectly aligned, mathematically correct NHL standings files for seasons that exist only in Ryan’s mind. The problem with those is that once in a while they don’t align […]

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Oh, Christmas Tree

It was Christmas tree-trimming time in our house this weekend. The kids actually agreed!!! to get a tree on Saturday and trim it on Sunday. The trip to the nursery to pick out a tree went pretty much exactly as it has for the last four or five years. From the moment we arrived, Riley […]

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