There’s Two of You Now

Sunday afternoon, our house. Ryan has decided to watch the Jets game. He knows it’s a key contest for the Jets if they have any hope of making the playoffs. It doesn’t go well. The next two-plus hours, before Ryan gives up and switches to hockey (long after most Jets fans had left the stadium, […]


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Scenes From a Long Weekend

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as full of food, family and football (or hockey) as our was. A late-night adult league hockey game, combined with a bout of insomnia, have left we with precious little energy to tell you about mine, so let me try to summarize. Our Thanksgiving was spent in the company […]

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Fall Break

Schools were closed here Thursday and Friday for fall break. Unlike some past years, we didn’t have any elaborate plans. Veronica took off work on Thursday and I took off Friday and we mostly spent time together, at home. Ryan and I played approximately 15 games in our long-running backyard street hockey series. When he […]

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What I Will Remember

Ryan and I were at it again yesterday, taking in the Saints-Jets game at MetLife Stadium. He wanted to go despite it being a last-minute, unplanned outing. Despite having a lot homework to do. He was willing to go early to tailgate and stay until the last snap. He threw the football. He played bean-bag […]

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