Music to My Ears

Chicago skyline
Part of the Chicago skyline, as seen from the Navy Pier, on the day of Game 3.

Apologies for the extended absence. I have been away since the start of the Stanley Cup Final more than a week ago, making it tough to find the time to write. But Veronica relayed a story on the phone this morning that I wanted to share.

As I write this, the Tampa Bay Lightning lead the Chicago Blackhawks, two games to one, in the best-of-seven Final. Veronica is rooting for the Lightning, and for me to be home, so she doesn’t have to be a single parent any longer. She asked Ryan who he was pulling for tonight in Game 4.

If you’ve been reading here, you know how much Ryan loves hockey. More hockey is ALWAYS his preference. But he confessed to her that he was torn. He wants to series to go the full seven games so he won’t get shorted on having as much hockey to watch as possible. But, he told her, he also wants his dad home. In his heart I think he’s leaning towards more hockey, but I will take it. Besides, he told Veronica that she’s “doing a great job” without me — so there’s that.

When Ryan was very young, he did not appear to react when I came home after a road trip or even just a long day at work. So to hear those words now, even if the sentiment is trailing his desire for more hockey, is never something that I will take for granted.


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