Miracles In Motion

My inbox is inundated with “Giving Tuesday” solicitations. I’m not sure when the whole concept originated, but it’s supposed to be in response to the materialistic gluttony of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Well, I sat out both of those events this year (in fairness, we would have been Black Friday participants but our family was leveled by the stomach flu that day), but I’m planning on making several charitable contributions today.

Here’s one I hope you’ll consider:

I’m wondering if your favorite moment in that video is the same as mine. Here’s a hint.

Miracles In Motion is an organization that has 160 volunteers and helps over 150 kids with disabilities every year. It has recently launched a program for veterans as well. Their goal is to create a year-round facility so that they can allowed disabled children and veterans to experience the healing powers of animal interactions year-round.

For more on this organization, you can visit its Indiegogo campaign page here. Or find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or their Web site.

I hope you’ll consider helping out their campaign or just helping to spread the word.


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