Here’s a little something to brighten up your day. I posted this on the blog’s Facebook page last night, but it needs a fuller airing.  Meet Cammy, a young Chicago Blackhawks fan. Cammy was born unable to walk or speak. But she loves the Blackhawks. Just ask her, she’ll tell you — since as we […]

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Miracles In Motion

My inbox is inundated with “Giving Tuesday” solicitations. I’m not sure when the whole concept originated, but it’s supposed to be in response to the materialistic gluttony of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Well, I sat out both of those events this year (in fairness, we would have been Black Friday participants but our family […]

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IEP Week

It was IEP week for Team Ryan this week. And though these are emotionally draining affairs, over the years ours have tended to be quite cordial with mutually agreed upon outcomes. The emphasis is on “ours” in that sentence, of course. We recognize this is not everyone’s experience. Maybe we are just incredibly fortunate. Our […]

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What the Bus Carries

Today is the first day of school. For Ryan, not yet 12, it is his 10th!?!? first day, including three years of special-needs and inclusion pre-K at one of the other elementary schools in our town. You would think it would be old hat for all of us by now, but it is most definitely […]

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