Game 7, In Two Facebook Posts

If you’re here, you probably know what happened to Ryan’s San Jose Sharks in Game 7. What you may not know is that we let him stay up to watch, and he hung in until the (very) bitter end.

Here’s my summary, in two Facebook posts. One immediately after the game:

That did not go well
A post from this blog’s Facebook page that reads, “Well, that did not go well.” Yes, I used the word “well” twice in a six-word sentence. In my defense, it was 1 a.m. and we were all devastated.

And a second one, after he left for school this morning:

Ryan wore a Sharks shirt anyway
Image is of a second post on the blog’s Facebook page that reads, “Update: lots of anger and cursing when Ryan went to bed at 1 am. Lots more when he got up before 7. But when it was time to get dressed, he put on a San Jose Sharks shirt. You can disappoint him and make him angry, but you cannot change his love for that team.”

I can’t describe how touched I am by the comments of people who are total strangers if not for our shared connection to autism, who said they were watching, or checking scores, or heard the score this morning, and thought of Ryan. You all give us a virtual lift.

You may have heard me say that “hockey people are good people.” You are all hockey people in my eyes.


4 thoughts on “Game 7, In Two Facebook Posts

  1. aww Ryan, I understand! there is nothing more thrilling than a game 7 win and nothing more devastating as a hockey fan than a game 7 loss…BUT no matter what the outcome when your team is playing, nothing will break your love for your team.


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