The Bet

FaceTime with Ryan
FaceTime with Ryan. He’s smiling because he’s telling me about “the bet.”

There is one unsettled matter related to my epic, best-of-39 street hockey series loss to Ryan. Apparently, I agreed to some sort of wager whereby the loser would have to do anything the winner wanted.

I say “apparently,” because the first time I heard about the bet was about Game 35. But as the end of the series drew nearer, Ryan excitedly told me about it. Once it was over and he had won, it was all he wanted to talk about.

There was just one problem: The Stanley Cup Final. My job required me to travel with the series (rough life, I know), meaning I have been away for much of the past two weeks.

During my absence, I tried to FaceTime with Ryan and Riley at least once a day. This was easier with one child than the other. Riley not only loves the FaceTime technology, she loves to talk about her day, tell me what she is doing, etc. Ryan? Not so much. I “called” him on his iPad and if he answered at all he often told me, “can I go now because you are interrupting my highlights.”

Still, I could usually get a few minutes out of him if we talked about “the bet.” Details remain scarce, but Ryan is very excited. Veronica updated me regularly during my trip on how much time he was spending on his computer preparing for it. What I’ve been able to learn is this: I am to serve as color commentator on a Hockey Guys game where Ryan is calling play-by-play. Ryan told me this game will take “three or four hours” and we will play it in his room, while everyone else is out of the house.

When this is to take place remains less certain as we need a large block of time to complete it. Now, I have a feeling Ryan will quickly decide that three hours is too long, but for now he is sticking to his guns. He wants this game to be 100% realistic, which means pregame warrmups, introductions, anthems and intermissions.

I am grateful my son wants to spend so much time with me, especially after such a long period apart — but check with me about two hours in.


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