The Greatest Goal of All-Time?

Bonus post for a Tuesday that has nothing to do with me or my family. But it does involve special needs kids and the great sport of hockey, and I think you’ll agree, it’s simply too good not to be shared.

Fair warning — get the tissues handy.

Background here:


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Goal of All-Time?

  1. I saw that earlier this year…I love it. The Special Hoceky International Tournament, which this video is the them song for, was played in Kitchener this year.. Kitchener is part of the Waterloo region where I live, but I was unable to get out to the tournament. I hopeit was a sucess. We tried to sign my son up for the Host team the Kitchener Ice Pirates this year, but he decided he only wanted to skate this year, maybe hockey wil come next year.

    Incidentally, I have to ask how did you find the link for this? It appears to be linked from a Peterbortough Ontario radio staion.. I grewup in Pterborough!!!!


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