Cursing and Gravity

Sir Isaac Newton got hit by an apple, not an F-bomb.

If you’ve been around these parts you know we’ve been struggling quite a bit with discipline, particularly as it relates to Ryan and one of his self-described “hobbies” — cursing.

Now, I’m no prude when it comes to, ahem, colorful language. I do realize there are far more important behavioral issues. But Ryan’s insistence on cursing goes to his willingness to defy the things we ask him to do, and both Veronica and I feel we must address it.

Plus, there have been incidents of him cursing in public, at friend’s houses, etc., that have caused issues with other parents. We have tried to use those as teachable moments. Ryan always insists that he has his cursing under control and will never use bad language outside the house where it could get him in trouble. Not so.

Still, this is an ongoing battle. He seems determined to push the envelope until we relent and just allow him to say whatever he wants. So far, it’s a stalemate.

All that is background to where we found ourselves the other day, which was desperately trying to keep a straight face after questioning Ryan about a particular cursing incident.

Typically his cursing is of the PG-13 variety, but on this occasion he had slipped into Rated-R territory, using the F-word.

“Ryan, is it true that you dropped an F-bomb?” we asked him.

“Yes,” came the reply. But his mischievous grin indicated there was more coming.

“I dropped an F-bomb”

[Pause for dramatic effect]


What am I supposed to do with that?


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