Grammar Lesson With DJ Ryan

Now that Ryan is old enough and large enough to ride in the front seat of our car, he takes great pleasure in assuming the role of in-car DJ. The second he’s buckled in, he begins scanning the programmed radio stations, looking for a song he likes. Ryan’s taste in music isn’t bad. Unlike his […]

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A Word About Intolerance

This is not a political post, I promise. I try not to do that here. Just another brief snapshot from our lives as I navigate my post-Sandy commute. We have been working with Ryan on the idea of intolerance. He dismisses so many people from his worldview — girls, anyone that doesn’t like sports — […]

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Cursing and Gravity

If you’ve been around these parts you know we’ve been struggling quite a bit with discipline, particularly as it relates to Ryan and one of his self-described “hobbies” — cursing. Now, I’m no prude when it comes to, ahem, colorful language. I do realize there are far more important behavioral issues. But Ryan’s insistence on […]

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