Guest Post: Melrose Saves A Meltdown

Barry Melrose, good sport

NOTE: I was unable to post today due to work obligations. Veronica graciously offered to step in. My blogging career began with a guest post, so who knows, maybe this will be the start of something big for her.

By Veronica

I don’t pretend to be a writer like my husband. I am a scientist, however, and I do believe that I can, on occasion, be prolific. Neil is not available today because of work conflicts. He always takes the time to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so while I was at work I kept checking the website to read his new post, but there was nothing. You see, currently we are on opposite coasts and, yes, it’s because of HOCKEY. So, I thought I would take a stab.

Saturday evening the children and I, along with a friend of Neil’s, went to the Devils game. Neil’s friend had flown in from Michigan to see his team, the LA Kings. As many of you know, we are HUGE Devils fans, but as he is a super nice guy, this did not create a problem.

What did create a problem was the pregame activities at the arena. You see, we have been going early to the games for face painting, hair coloring and, most importantly to Ryan, street hockey. We all piled into the car in our assorted Devils gear, save for the Kings fan, and headed to the arena for a little pre-game fun.

Alas, I had forgotten that the area had been taken over by the NHL Network television set. Thus, NO STREET HOCKEY. I could see Ryan about to lose it … “but what do I do” rang the familiar chant. I knew he was on the edge. I took a deep breath and asked him to look around. Here he was … the hugest hockey fan, an 11-year-old boy about to attend a Stanley Cup Final game.

“I know you are disappointed that there is no street hockey,” I told him. “So am I, but are we going to let that little fact RUIN our incredible night together?”

I was trying desperately for him not to have a meltdown; not to have the crowd stare at my little boy; not to have Riley upset; not to ruin the time for Neil’s friend; not to ruin our “safe time.”

Then I heard a wonderful thing. A chant from the crowd: “MELROSE SUCKS, MELROSE SUCKS, MELROSE SUCKS.” (This would be Barry Melrose, one of the NHL Network announcers).

I stopped Ryan from shaking and said, “Listen, do you hear something?” He did … then came a HUGE SMILE and he turned to me and said, “Let’s go over there and yell MELROSE SUCKS!” Well, we did and all was OK … until the OT loss.

Sometimes as parents of a child on the spectrum, you have to look at any help (cursing, chanting, taunting, etc.) as a blessing and take the help as it comes!

Sorry, Barry!


9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Melrose Saves A Meltdown

  1. Great job guest-posting Veronica! I did feel a twinge of pain for you guys during the OT loss the other night. Surely the Devils will rally in game 3!


  2. Melrose DOES suck. And how about I had no idea Neil posted M-W-Fri. I just looked for updates. That’s called lazy thinking. Good Guest-Post!


  3. I find your ability to negotiate and come up with alterative manners of dealing with difficult situations simply fascinating. Maybe in comes from your scientific background of developing a hypothesis and then setting to proving your theory. I know you are able to see the “big picture” and not get hung up on the stupid details. I can’t tell you enough want an amazing mother to both of your children. Very good post too…I hope to see more.


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