Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We had a meeting with the Child Study Team at Ryan’s school Wednesday morning (which was the reason I didn’t have a post that day). It’s something we have done near the beginning of each new school year for as long as we can remember. We gather around a small conference table with all the […]


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Guest Post: A Letter of Thanks

The school year is ending and Ryan will be moving on to yet another school. Beyond regular teacher gifts, Veronica wanted to do something extra to acknowledge the incredible experience we had with Ryan’s teachers and aide this year. The following is a letter Veronica sent to the school principal, assistant principal, district superintendent and […]

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IEP Week

It was IEP week for Team Ryan this week. And though these are emotionally draining affairs, over the years ours have tended to be quite cordial with mutually agreed upon outcomes. The emphasis is on “ours” in that sentence, of course. We recognize this is not everyone’s experience. Maybe we are just incredibly fortunate. Our […]

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That’s Better

The email arrived from Veronica on Friday afternoon, at the end of the long and frustrating week. From: Veronica Date: September 21, 2012, 3:40:49 PM EDT To: Neil Subject: ugh Got call from guidance counselor wanting to discuss Ryan’s course study with us. I just returned her call and left a VM informing her that […]

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Of Special Education and Taxes

Note: the following is not intended to be a political post. I live in New Jersey. My property taxes are ridiculous. We have a Republican governor. In the past, we had Democratic governors … and ridiculous taxes. My annual mortgage escrow statement arrived in the mail the other day. I set it aside to look […]

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