Back From the Brink

Ryan was on the brink of a meltdown last night. The Florida Panthers had only two shots on goal after the first period of their game against the New York Rangers, putting them on pace for fewer than 10 total in the game, one of Ryan’s triggers. Unbeknownst to us, Ryan was in his room, […]

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Stolen. That’s what it feels like — that my family are the victims of a theft. The items taken? Our peace. Our harmony. Our family time. Our safe space. The suspect? Anxiety. Ryan’s anxiety over shots on goal totals in various NHL games has reached a boiling point this week — and kept right on […]

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Autism Something Month

I was going to avoid writing about Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month and World Autism Awareness Day altogether. I didn’t think I had anything worthwhile to add to the discourse, a lot of which disappoints me. I understand some of the divide in the autism community. When you have a disorder under a single umbrella that covers […]

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I Need a Nap

Writing will be brief this morning. Why? Here’s a brief recap of the last 12 hours: Just before 9 p.m., Ryan went to bed after watching the first period of the Sharks-Blues game Just after 9 p.m., Ryan emerged from his room to tell me he was “nervous” about the Lightning game. The game was […]

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