Memories Are What Matter

I hate endings. Hate ’em. It gets all dusty up in the room any time there’s a graduation, a season-ending game, a championship, heck even “One Shining Moment” gets me. But we’ve made a habit of attending the last New Jersey Devils home game each year, and once again, I’m glad we did. Way back […]

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The Gathering Storm

All of the ingredients were there. If form held, they would combine with anxiety to form a toxic stew, one that can paralyze my child, turn his favorite activity into the enemy, and take him to a place where he is hard to reach. I eyed the brewing storm from a short distance, waiting to […]

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A Safe Space

Ryan has never been able to fully explain to us why certain shots-on-goal totals in NHL games trigger for him bouts of extreme anxiety. Maybe if I understood why it bothered him so much, I could better help him through these episodes, but the explanation doesn’t really matter. What matters is the anxiety is real. […]

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The Sharks and the DVR

When Ryan decided, all on his own, to become a San Jose Sharks fan, I tried to talk him out of it for a couple different reasons. One, he was moving on from my favorite team (the Washington Capitals) to a team that was basically its West Coast equivalent. The Sharks have authored a number […]

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The Seeds of Self-Advocacy

Hockey is back. You know how I know? Saturday night at 7, just as one of the biggest college football games of the year, Alabama-Texas A&M, was winding down, I was forced to surrender the living room TV for a preseason game on NHL Network. Johnny Football ain’t got nuthin’ on Evander Kane, Alex Ovechkin, […]

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