IEP Week

It was IEP week for Team Ryan this week. And though these are emotionally draining affairs, over the years ours have tended to be quite cordial with mutually agreed upon outcomes. The emphasis is on “ours” in that sentence, of course. We recognize this is not everyone’s experience. Maybe we are just incredibly fortunate. Our […]

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The Stealth Honor Student

When you’re in the thick of it with difficult times, it can be helpful to step back, breathe, and appreciate some small — or not so small — success. Sometimes you have to seek out these small triumphs, sometimes they find you. Ryan spent the weekend battling a head cold. The congestion exacerbated his facial […]

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Anxiety Pays a Visit

We never know when anxiety will strike. It’s just part of the drill in our household. Sure, we know many of Ryan’s triggers and we do our best to avoid or work around them. It’s the reason we took separate cars to Riley’s school choir concert last night — to avoid any unnecessary waiting for […]

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Silver Linings

In a continued effort to weigh the benefits vs. side effects of Ryan’s medication, we have altered his dose this week. We’ve done this in concert with his doctor, of course. The doctor is just one part of the team. Before we sent Ryan to school on Monday we needed to ask the help of […]

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No More Mr. Nice Guy

On Friday, Ryan’s school bus never showed up. It was the first day of a new route, meant to ease congestion and delays. Seems nobody told the bus driver. As I recounted here, Ryan decompensated. By the time a neighbor drove him to school, after some 50 minutes of waiting, he was in full meltdown. […]

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