Questioning the Path

There are moments in this autism journey that make us question the path we have pursued for our child. As that child grows and matures and becomes more expressive, more self-aware and shows signs of self-advocacy, we have more input than ever to guide our decision-making. Only all the extra input doesn’t necessarily make the […]

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Progress: Of Body, and Mind

I took Ryan to evaluations for his hockey house league program two weekends ago. I no longer fear these the way I once did. I watched Ryan do what he normally does. He followed instructions. He tried his best. He was close to the back of the pack in some of the skating drills. At […]

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We had a meeting with the Child Study Team at Ryan’s school Wednesday morning (which was the reason I didn’t have a post that day). It’s something we have done near the beginning of each new school year for as long as we can remember. We gather around a small conference table with all the […]

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Not Little Things

I discuss “little” things that aren’t “little” things all the time here on the blog. Judging by my reading of many other autism parent blogs, a lot of you do the same. Not Little Things are the rungs on the ladder of success we want our children to climb, with the ultimate goal being a […]

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Happy Labor Day

In our part of the world, Labor Day marks the final countdown to the start of the new school year, and anxiety is running high (and that’s just with the parents!). So we will take today to spend with each other and enjoy the few days we have left of what has been a really […]

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