I Am Ordering. Hear Me Roar

I had Riley and Ryan with me for Bring Your Child to Work Day yesterday. As I work in hockey, this has become sort of a second Christmas for our family. It’s also among the many, many activities that have gone from being absolutely terrifying to almost routine. Before I brought Ryan for the first […]

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Early Signs, Revisited

I always enjoy coming home from work on grocery day. With kids in the house, and a daughter with a sweet-tooth to rival my own, I never know what new treats I’ll find in the pantry. Plus, Riley is not big fan of sharing her desserts, but when the cookie package is relatively full, it’s […]

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The Right Choice

Ryan has spent the winter playing both street and ice hockey on separate teams. We debated whether the commitment would lead to over-scheduling but have mostly avoided conflict. The few times the schedules overlapped, we chose ice hockey, based on the logic that ice hockey costs a lot more. If we let Ryan choose, there […]

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Reading for Pleasure

If Las Vegas had odds on Ryan’s most successful Christmas gift being a book, they would have been in the thousands-to-one range. But among his Sharks gear (a new Joe Pavelski jersey!) and Jets gear (these!) and a really cool table hockey game, the present he loved the most was, improbably, inconceivably … a book. […]

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Progress: Of Body, and Mind

I took Ryan to evaluations for his hockey house league program two weekends ago. I no longer fear these the way I once did. I watched Ryan do what he normally does. He followed instructions. He tried his best. He was close to the back of the pack in some of the skating drills. At […]

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