Letting Him Be

It’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn as an autism parent. Where Ryan is concerned, my natural instincts tend towards over-protective. The thing I’ve had to learn is my interceding to make sure his needs are met doesn’t do him any good.  I’m not saying over-protective doesn’t have his place. I would […]

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Pass the Telescope

Autism has taught me many lessons. It has forced me to think critically about all aspects of my parenting style. It has led me to always have a plan — and to always be ready to change it. But more than anything, it has taught me to appreciate small moments and little victories. It has […]

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Progress, In a Picture

I have a number of ideas for posts swimming in my head, but I’ve had a hard time trying to crystallize into words what we’ve seen the last several months. Change. Progress. Self-awareness. Self-advocacy. Giving words to emotions. Yes, hormones. All at a speed that makes it difficult to process. Some of that is the […]

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The Progress Is All Around Us

Sometimes when you’re in the thick of the day-to-day, you fail to notice significant changes that are happening right in front of you. Most of this NHL season, Ryan had a routine. After finishing his homework and eating dinner, he would head to the basement to watch hockey, by himself. He said he preferred it […]

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For the Love of Air Jordans

At 13, Ryan has yet to develop much in the way of material desires. Don’t get me wrong — he loves his iPad and his computer, and he’d be livid if we didn’t have the cable package that includes the NHL Network and all the out-of-town games. He goes to close to 20 NHL games […]

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