Sharing a Moment

You might have picked up from the blog that I am a bit of a sports fan. Hockey, football, basketball. College or pro. I am a ticket-buying, jersey-wearing, road-trip taking, yell-at-the-TV, never-miss-a-game fan. For me, sports is the ultimate form of escapism. You get to spend two or three hours completely wrapped up and emotionally […]

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A Picture Is Worth …

We got off easy in Hurricane Sandy and the blizzard that followed this week. But try telling that to my kids, who have been without Internet access! for coming up on two weeks. This has forced them to find some alternative forms of entertainment, which is easier for Riley than Ryan, who, I don’t know, […]

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A Day With Gang Green

Navigating life with a child on the autism spectrum often requires leaving outings and events after the bare minimum time spent. You see your child struggling — with the noise, the crowd, the group activity, with anything that falls outside their routine — and you exercise your predetermined escape plan. Sunday, Ryan and I left […]

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It’s the Logistics

I planned to write about our weekend today. About how Ryan became the loudest, most enthusiastic fan of both Riley’s travel soccer team and the New York Jets. If you’ve been following around here, you know this is a really. Big. Deal. But those stories can wait. This morning I followed my normal weekday routine. […]

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