Spontaneity Is for Us

Riley would have been up for the trip. Had Ryan been on board, we might well have spent much of Sunday in the car. But when we floated the idea at breakfast, he was not having it. It’s not that he has an aversion to car trips, he’s actually quite good despite the lack of […]

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There’s Two of You Now

Sunday afternoon, our house. Ryan has decided to watch the Jets game. He knows it’s a key contest for the Jets if they have any hope of making the playoffs. It doesn’t go well. The next two-plus hours, before Ryan gives up and switches to hockey (long after most Jets fans had left the stadium, […]

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What I Will Remember

Ryan and I were at it again yesterday, taking in the Saints-Jets game at MetLife Stadium. He wanted to go despite it being a last-minute, unplanned outing. Despite having a lot homework to do. He was willing to go early to tailgate and stay until the last snap. He threw the football. He played bean-bag […]

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Oh, Christmas Tree

It was Christmas tree-trimming time in our house this weekend. The kids actually agreed!!! to get a tree on Saturday and trim it on Sunday. The trip to the nursery to pick out a tree went pretty much exactly as it has for the last four or five years. From the moment we arrived, Riley […]

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