A Time To Brag

January 2, 2012 was a perfect day in so many ways. That was the day Ryan skated in front of 47,000 people on the kids auxiliary rink at the NHL Winter Classic in Philadelphia. I have told the story many times in this space. Indeed, it was one of the first posts on the blog […]

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Memory, In Microcosm

My son has a remarkable memory. When applied to the subjects that interest him, its power can be breathtaking. His ability to recall the dates and scores of thousands of NHL games is so stunning that it has left us with mixed feelings. Of course I love to see the full abilities of his remarkable […]

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Merry Stress-mas

As I write this post, I’m sitting out my third major commuter train delay of the week. Happy holidays! This is always a stressful time of year. It seems like we manage to turn what should be a quiet time spent with family into a rat race. Presents, holiday cards, teacher gifts. Endless baking (for […]

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Scenes From a Long Weekend

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as full of food, family and football (or hockey) as our was. A late-night adult league hockey game, combined with a bout of insomnia, have left we with precious little energy to tell you about mine, so let me try to summarize. Our Thanksgiving was spent in the company […]

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Meeting Marty

I talk a lot on the blog about how hockey is the glue that holds our little family together. I have been passionate about the sport literally since the first time I saw it as a four-year old. I have been a fan and a player ever since, and I now enjoy a rewarding career […]

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