This Time It Was Different

Here we were, outsider another hockey arena, trying to figure out what to do after our planned dinner destination didn’t pan out. It was not lost on me that I dug up and posted an old blog entry about this very topic, and how a last-minute change-up in dinner plans turned what should have been […]

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Memories Are What Matter

I hate endings. Hate ’em. It gets all dusty up in the room any time there’s a graduation, a season-ending game, a championship, heck even “One Shining Moment” gets me. But we’ve made a habit of attending the last New Jersey Devils home game each year, and once again, I’m glad we did. Way back […]

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The Drop-Off

Today we celebrate another small victory, another small sign of progress that might have otherwise slipped past unnoticed, were it not for the lens that I have learned to use to view such things. Where to begin? Because there are no Little Things, let me count all the bits of awesomeness this weekend included. Ryan […]

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Don’t Call It a Comeback

Grades are a thing that Ryan has become interested in over the last few years. He’s gone from not bothering to tell us that he made his school’s honor list to actively tracking his grades online in the hopes of remaining on the honor roll. We are, of course, tremendously proud of him. Not so […]

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