Silver Linings

In a continued effort to weigh the benefits vs. side effects of Ryan’s medication, we have altered his dose this week. We’ve done this in concert with his doctor, of course. The doctor is just one part of the team. Before we sent Ryan to school on Monday we needed to ask the help of […]

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I Wish I Had a Different Brain

“I WISH I HAD A DIFFERENT BRAIN!” “I HATE MY BRAIN!” That was Ryan on Sunday afternoon, mid-meltdown. Something was wrong with the hockey standings he was typing. This is a regular occurrence. His carefully crafted document formatting gets messed up. He forgets to save a document. His numbers don’t add up. Whatever the reason, […]

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This Is Hard

The school year is ending. There will be a new school next year. Anxiety is running high (among the parents — even higher with the son.) One doctor thinks he should stop taking meds. Another thinks he should continue. Behavior is very trying. Lots of resistance and outright refusal to do what has been asked. […]

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