Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety, It’s me — Neil. You may remember me from such conversations as “€<%# off,” “leave my kid the %^?< alone,” and “are you $@&?ing kidding me?” I’m sorry about those. Can we start over? We can? Good. Go $@¥% yourself. Oops, I guess I did it again. We were enjoying enduring another typically […]

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I Need a Nap

Writing will be brief this morning. Why? Here’s a brief recap of the last 12 hours: Just before 9 p.m., Ryan went to bed after watching the first period of the Sharks-Blues game Just after 9 p.m., Ryan emerged from his room to tell me he was “nervous” about the Lightning game. The game was […]

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Waffle Free Wednesday

There’s a storm coming. A cold winter wind is already buffeting my neighborhood, with the promise of rain and snow to come later today. That’s outside. Inside the house, the storm is already here. Our decision to stop Ryan’s stimulant ADHD med has led to dramatic changes in his behavior — both good and bad. […]

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He Understands. Do I?

I learn some remarkable things about my son, from my son. Sometimes I learn about him from the recycle bin or from his school folder. The other day, I spied a piece of paper sitting on the dining-room table. Turning it over, I read the following: GOAL LETTER Write a letter to yourself describing one […]

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