Microscopes vs. Telescopes

Other than my parents and brother, I can’t think of anything else in my life I have cared about as long as the Washington Capitals. I was born in Washington and went to my first game at age 4 or 5. That was in the late 1970s. That first outing ignited a life-long love of […]

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Championship Sunday

The fairy tale ending … was not to be. Ryan’s house league team earned a spot in the peewee championship game Sunday with a dominating performance in its last round-robin playoff game Saturday. Ryan enthusiastically returned to the rink Saturday afternoon for a spirited practice. The team was ready. He was ready. And yet, the […]

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A Picture Is Worth …

We got off easy in Hurricane Sandy and the blizzard that followed this week. But try telling that to my kids, who have been without Internet access! for coming up on two weeks. This has forced them to find some alternative forms of entertainment, which is easier for Riley than Ryan, who, I don’t know, […]

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