Why I Will Go

The following has (almost) nothing to do with autism. But it’s my blog, and I’ve got a few things on my mind, and they touch on some of my favorite things and they involve my son. It’s long. You’ve been warned. If the photo above doesn’t intrigue you, feel free to move along. I won’t […]

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Stick and Puck

Last Friday, Ryan and I had a plan. I was off from work; He skipped camp because he wasn’t interested in that day’s trip. We had some errands to run, but the real highlight of the day was to be a session of father and son “stick and puck” at our local ice rink — […]

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My Traveling Companion

The last time Ryan had a triennial re-evaluation for ongoing eligibility for special services, the psychological profile including the following statement from the evaluator: The family has gone on many enjoyable trips to places like Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York City and Long Island. In the years since I could add the following: Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pa., […]

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Memories Are What Matter

I hate endings. Hate ’em. It gets all dusty up in the room any time there’s a graduation, a season-ending game, a championship, heck even “One Shining Moment” gets me. But we’ve made a habit of attending the last New Jersey Devils home game each year, and once again, I’m glad we did. Way back […]

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Ryan and I have not played ball hockey in the backyard since our last series concluded more than a month ago. There are several reasons for that, weather and business travel among them. There’s also a larger plan at work. Ever since he began keeping statistics of the games and organizing them into best-of series […]

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