To Benjamins Friend Jon

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It’s so much easier to root for our favorite athletes and celebrities when we know they are good people. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know what we think of the “hockey people,” who so often fit that bill.

Goalie Jon Gillies just led Providence College to one of the most unlikely national championships in college hockey history, including a stunning upset of heavily favored Boston University in the final. Gillies is a pro prospect whose rights are held by the NHL’s Calgary Flames.

But to Benjamin, he’s not “future NHL goalie Jon Gillies.” He’s just “my friend Jon.”

I’m so happy for Benjamin and his entire family. Congratulations to Jon Gillies and the entire Providence College team, proof that good guys do indeed finish first.


A few short weeks ago my family waited outside of the PC Friars locker room waiting for Benjamins hero to come so we could say goodbye. You see, over the last three years Jon has done incredible things for our family. Jon has been an inspiration to Ben both on and off the ice. Jon attended Benjamins birthday this past year because that’s what kind of a man he is. Jon has been Benjamins pretend play inspiration on more than a few occasions (The Goalie). Jon has meant more to my family than I could ever explain.
I had asked Benjamin to write a birthday list of people to invite to his party. Third on this list was Jon. He is after all one of Bens best friends. Ask Ben he will tell you. They are old buddies, going back as far as Benjamin can remember. Without hesitation…

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