Taking a Step Back

You may have noticed my output has fallen off a bit this year. For almost two years, I posted three times almost every week. I never found myself at a shortage for topics. My train commutes to work allowed me ample time to write.

And all that is still true. There are lots of things I still want to write about, and I will. But choosing those topics is getting trickier, out of deference to my son’s privacy. It is not right for me to make everything that happens in his life fair game, even under the cover of pseudonyms.

So I’ve tried to be more discreet in the topics I choose. I’ve tried to look at larger issues in the autism community, or my personal views, instead of always discussing details of Ryan’s life.

I started blogging for several reasons. I found it therapeutic (and still do). It has connected me to members of this amazing online community. It has helped me formulate and shape my views as a parent of a child on the spectrum. And, in undertaking this blog, I hoped to end up with a diary of our parental journey that my son will read in full one day.

When he does, I hope he will see it as I do — as a story of love. Of how his parents found their way when faced with an unexpected turn in their parenting plan. Of how much I admired his passions and how we celebrated the opportunity to share in his interests. Of how we came to appreciate the wonders of his mind and his unique abilities. Of how we came to understand how he thinks and looks at the world. Of how much we loved finding a common bond — hockey — that gives us all something to share.

I will continue to write and post. I’m not going away, or on hiatus. But I’m going to be more selective about what I share. I hope you understand the reasons why.


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