Deck Waffles

In the 1995 Movie Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead Andy Garcia and his criminal pals have a simple phrase for the single best thing in life: “boat drinks.” As in, if you’re having a cocktail on a boat, things can’t get any better. It’s how they greet each other in prison, thinking of better times ahead.

Well, I don’t own a boat, and I don’t spend much time on the water. (I’ve also never been in prison, nor am I a criminal … moving on …)

But we still have something like “boat drinks” in my family: deck waffles.

Every year we rent the same vacation in condo unit in the Outer Banks. It has a patio with an ocean view and a table and chairs. Even though I’m not that much of an ocean person, I could sit out there for hours and just listen to the waves … it’s that relaxing.

In order to turn our vacation “home” into something resembling an actual “home,” which is critical for Ryan, we bring along as many comforts of, well, home as we can. These include many i-devices, laptops, Hockey Guys, alarm clocks, air filters (for white noise), etc.

And, a Belgian waffle maker.

Ryan has had approximately eleventy bajillion Eggo waffles in his life. A few years ago, on a visit to Aunt Mary’s, he was served a homemade Belgian waffle, and was hooked. Upon his return, Veronica went out and bought one for us and every Saturday and Sunday we have “weekend waffles.” It’s one of our oldest traditions.

Well, going on a proper vacation means recreating as many of the routines of home as possible, so the Belgian waffle maker gets packed in the car alongside the boogie boards and beach chairs.

And on our first morning there, I got up early, made the mix and served up Ryan a fluffy waffle, just like home. Except he wanted to sit outside and eat it while looking at the ocean.

Deck waffles.

Life really doesn’t get any better than that.

Deck waffles
Gentlemen, we have deck waffles.

Oh, and the view? Not bad:

view from the deck
Ryan’s view while eating deck waffles

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