Dear Wipeout

The following is presented here because it’s awesome. Other than changing the name of the addressee, I have not edited it in any way. By way of background: Ryan loves the ABC show¬†Wipeout, which aired its Season 7 premiere last Sunday. He was unhappy that the final round of the competition, the “Wipeout Zone” has […]

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News Flash!

So, yeah, this happened. And a few months ago, it would have been huge news in our house. Maybe it still is — I’m not really sure. I know that Ryan’s interest in Wipeout was a big enough deal that some months back I set up a Google News Alert to find out when and […]

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The Gift of Focus

Ryan loves the ABC show Wipeout. I don’t blame him. I love the show too. It’s impossible to not laugh at the contestants as they take spills throughout the course, and the cornball, over-the-top commentary from John Anderson and John Henson is hilarious. Like everything with Ryan, there are some unique aspects to the way […]

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