A Time To Brag

January 2, 2012 was a perfect day in so many ways. That was the day Ryan skated in front of 47,000 people on the kids auxiliary rink at the NHL Winter Classic in Philadelphia. I have told the story many times in this space. Indeed, it was one of the first posts on the blog […]

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It’s All In the Details

I don’t have the same gift for seeing the tiny details that Ryan does. Sometimes I only notice them on a second or third examination. When Ryan skated on the auxiliary rink at the NHL Winter Classic in Philadelphia in January I could hardly contain my excitement for him. I wanted to watch him enjoying […]

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Grand Adventures, Part 2

<– If you haven’t yet, please read Part 1 Apologies for the cliff-hanger with Part 1. I’m not a huge fan of the “To Be Continued” either, but I was running out of time to finish up the post and I didn’t want to skimp on the details. It’s the details that matter most — […]

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Grand Adventures, Part 1

On the first full day of his life, I held a swaddled Ryan and rocked him for three-plus hours while I watched a college football game. Not just any college football game. A Michigan game. My school. My team. The school I was already dreaming of seeing Ryan attend. Maybe, just maybe, I dreamed of […]

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Grandpa, I Feel Like a Star

Have we really come this far? No, really. Let’s think about this for a moment. It’s Jan. 2, 2012. That would make it just over three years since Ryan first put on a pair of skates and a hockey helmet. Three years to go from that first cautious step out onto the rink to playing […]

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