The Flexibility Games

Flexibility and autism don’t exactly go together. Like so many on the spectrum, Ryan is married to routine — in ways that both help and hinder him. Routine is comforting, and helps him navigate his days. Once the “new” becomes the “familiar,” anxiety levels visibly drop. Whatever is familiar is rarely a challenge for him. […]

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The Top Bunk

I still have so much to get to from our recent vacation — now that I’ve gotten the difficult bit out of the way. We’ll start today with a small thing that wasn’t small at all. The vacation condo we rent in the Outer Banks is a three-bedroom unit. You could say it’s more than […]

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No Education on Vacation

Ryan really impressed us on vacation this year. We didn’t have to convince him to come out of his room, stay outside or get in the water (either the pool or the ocean). While I was thrilled to see him out bobbing in the waves, the area we were staying was under warning of severe […]

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Ryan, Are You Coming?

Wherever we go, my daughter makes friends. She surveys the scene, seeks out girls her own age, walks right up and starts a conversation. These “friends” may last a day, a week, or years, but the point is they occupy her time. On the rare occasions she can’t find peers, she’s bored — and let’s […]

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