Tonight, We Can Be as One

It was Christmas in July this week, as Riley and Ryan finally got to enjoy their big gifts from last Christmas: Taylor Swift tickets for her, and for Ryan, tickets to see U2. The concerts just so happened to fall on back-to-back Saturdays. Riley had her big night with Veronica at MetLife Stadium a week […]

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Lullaby and Goodnight

Like many on the autism spectrum, Ryan craves routines. He has many, and collectively they form the pillars of his days. Everything from the time he gets up, to the breakfast he eats, to how he budgets his free time before school, to when he does his homework, to how he watches hockey in the […]

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What’s That Song About?

Ryan is an old soul when it comes to music. Sure, he likes plenty of current pop, but he’s far more agreeable about classic rock than his sister. And, like his old man, he’s a big fan of U2. Ryan doesn’t just listen to music, though. He absorbs it. “Dad, what’s this song about?” is […]

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If I Could, I Would, Let It Go

I have a few half-finished posts that I’m working on, but nothing that was exactly flowing off my keyboard this morning. Then my iPod provided some inspiration. I was listening to Pandora when it served up my all-time favorite song, Bad, by U2. I’m not huge on interpreting the meanings of all the music I […]

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