Sharing a Moment

You might have picked up from the blog that I am a bit of a sports fan. Hockey, football, basketball. College or pro. I am a ticket-buying, jersey-wearing, road-trip taking, yell-at-the-TV, never-miss-a-game fan. For me, sports is the ultimate form of escapism. You get to spend two or three hours completely wrapped up and emotionally […]

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Concern for Cundiff

I never know what will hook Ryan’s interest in a new activity. But whenever there is a spark of curiosity, I do my best to carefully nurture it into a full-blown flame. The key is to listen closely for clues as to what aspect of whatever the subject is that he is following most closely, […]

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A Favorite Football Team

“Hey Ryan, want to watch this baseball game with me?” I knew the answer before I posed the question. Ryan only likes hockey. Well, he loves hockey. He’s obsessed with hockey. Which, in his mind, means there’s no room to enjoy any other sport. Still, I keep trying. We had one glorious afternoon at a […]

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