Stick and Puck

Last Friday, Ryan and I had a plan. I was off from work; He skipped camp because he wasn’t interested in that day’s trip. We had some errands to run, but the real highlight of the day was to be a session of father and son “stick and puck” at our local ice rink — […]

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Always Have a Goal

Our summer is in full swing. Both kids are adjusting to the routine of a new camp. So far, so good. Or, in Ryan’s case, so OK. He has enjoyed some of the activities, but doesn’t feel like he fits in — a continuing theme from the school year. Ryan has been talking about goals […]

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Happy Labor Day

In our part of the world, Labor Day marks the final countdown to the start of the new school year, and anxiety is running high (and that’s just with the parents!). So we will take today to spend with each other and enjoy the few days we have left of what has been a really […]

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Summer’s Second Half

The question came up the other day, for the first time since school let out. “Dad, is summer more than halfway over?” Ryan asked. Last summer, and probably the few summers before that, this was a frequent question. We suspect it had to do with Ryan’s nerves about changing schools, but also his general need […]

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Boys Night at the Rink

Summer is not my favorite time of year. I hate the heat and humidity of the northeast. I hate there’s no hockey or football to watch or care about daily. And as I’m sure many special-needs parents can relate, the unstructured summer schedule is not always easy for Ryan — or for us. But I […]

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