Summer Progress Report

Ryan doesn’t do subtle. If he wants to tell you something, he just comes out and says it. This creates its share of awkward moments, but on the whole it’s a good thing. Ryan’s pronouncements don’t often require much interpretation. They also tend to arrive completely out of the blue, current context be damned. Last […]

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Teenage Rebellion

I’m sure most of you have seen the meme. A picture of some chaotic — or perhaps highly organized — scene, imprinted with the words “you might be an autism parent if,” followed by a description of why the scene pictured is actually normal. Here’s one that definitely fits the bill: You might be an […]

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Camp: A Progress Report

A few posts back, I said that Ryan “tolerates” summer camp. I believe I understated things. Ryan actually, genuinely is enjoying camp. Now, an uninformed person might look at the camp setting — a giant, indoor-outdoor arcade and pool complex and think, “Of course he enjoys camp. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending summer in that setting […]

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