Season’s End

In a lot of ways I have a very traditional marriage. I work full-time, Veronica works part-time. She cooks and does the vast majority of the housework. She does the grocery shopping. I manage the finances. I used to cut the grass until I got lazy enough to pay someone to do it for me. […]

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The Roller Coaster Thing

Lots of parents of kids on the autism spectrum talk about their lives as a “roller-coaster ride” — and it certainly is full of ups and downs. Then again, so are most people’s lives. What makes this metaphor particularly apt is that not only does a roller coaster go up and down, but the it […]

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Road Trip!

I wish I’d been able to post this on Monday, but WordPress and I were not getting along. Way back on Monday, you know, twenty-four whole hours ago, I was busy writing a post about the wonderful weekend I’d spent with Ryan road-tripping to Washington for a Capitals playoff game. My heart was heavy then, […]

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