How They Help Each Other

My children are 20 months apart. Ryan, the older one, is trying to figure out social norms and learn where he fits in. Riley, the younger sister, is barreling into tween-dom at light speed. They are often headed in opposite directions. They fight like cats and dogs. It’s rarely anything serious, just standard age-appropriate name […]

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Spreading the Worry Around

Finding balance with your children when one has special needs is an ongoing effort, and a constant source of concern. I am resolute in my belief that Riley will be a better person, and we will be a closer family, for our experience with autism. And yet … the concern that we are not giving […]

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A Good Day

Ryan had lots of difficulty going to sleep Thursday night (thankfully the first such episode since this post) but rather than write about that I wanted to turn back the clock a few days to Sunday — a day full of simple joys in our house. Riley is in her second season of travel soccer, […]

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