Shelter in the Storm

Self-advocacy. Self-awareness. Verbal tools to express both. The willingness to do so, unprompted. These are among the silver linings we found ourselves recounting this weekend, after Ryan opened up about getting picked on at hockey practice. He told us a few kids constantly tell him he’s no good, he shouldn’t be on the team, that […]

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The Seeds of Self-Advocacy

Hockey is back. You know how I know? Saturday night at 7, just as one of the biggest college football games of the year, Alabama-Texas A&M, was winding down, I was forced to surrender the living room TV for a preseason game on NHL Network. Johnny Football ain’t got nuthin’ on Evander Kane, Alex Ovechkin, […]

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Self Awareness Cuts Both Ways

This is not the post I wanted to write this morning. We’re just back from an incredibly successful vacation — the best one yet of the three straight years we have spent a week at the same condo unit in the Outer Banks. It was full of family time, activities, glorious weather, relaxation and for […]

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