Water Without Lemon

My recent adventure with Ryan included one meal at an honest-to-goodness, your-server-will-be-with-you-momentarily, restaurant. We were going to eat dinner at the game before Ryan decided he preferred the chain pizza/bistro attached to our hotel. Determined to mind the lessons from Bring Your Child to Work Day, I reminded myself to avoid intervening when the waitress […]

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The Gathering Storm

All of the ingredients were there. If form held, they would combine with anxiety to form a toxic stew, one that can paralyze my child, turn his favorite activity into the enemy, and take him to a place where he is hard to reach. I eyed the brewing storm from a short distance, waiting to […]

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A Safe Space

Ryan has never been able to fully explain to us why certain shots-on-goal totals in NHL games trigger for him bouts of extreme anxiety. Maybe if I understood why it bothered him so much, I could better help him through these episodes, but the explanation doesn’t really matter. What matters is the anxiety is real. […]

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Back On the Horse

Watching Ryan play hockey has given me a lot of proud moments. The first time he attended a hockey clinic, the first time he scored a goal in a three-on-three, cross-ice, no-goalie scrimmage (and celebrated like he’d won the Stanley Cup), his first goal in a “real” game. This. This. This. But I don’t know […]

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Shelter in the Storm

Self-advocacy. Self-awareness. Verbal tools to express both. The willingness to do so, unprompted. These are among the silver linings we found ourselves recounting this weekend, after Ryan opened up about getting picked on at hockey practice. He told us a few kids constantly tell him he’s no good, he shouldn’t be on the team, that […]

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