A Word About Order

Ryan carries many labels. Among them: Autism spectrum disorder. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Disorders. That word contained within, order, is so, so apt. So much of his life is about trying to create some order from all the noise. Sometimes, he does things in a different order. Other times, his actions are about Imposing some […]

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Hurricane Sandy

Sorry folks, I have a lot to say, but with Hurricane Sandy having rolled through my neighborhood on Monday night, I have limited Internet access and limited time. We were very lucky. We still have electricity, and our home suffered only minor damage to its roof. We were not flooded. My kids have been out […]

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Back To School

No, not the Rodney Dangerfield movie, although I think I saw at least one member of the Vancouver Canucks perform a Triple Lindy last night (and if you understand that hockey reference, I should probably just go ahead and make you an admin of the site). The kids returned to school this morning after a […]

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