Photo Friday: Sharknado 3

Ryan in his Sharks hat
Hey Jumbo – Ryan is ready to watch you play this weekend.

No time to write this morning. That’s what midnight beer-league hockey will do to you. We have a BIG weekend planned. The San Jose Sharks have come to the northeast, and we’ll be seeing them live against the Devils on Saturday and the Rangers on Sunday. So Ryan’s choice for “hat day” at school was an easy one.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Go Sharks!

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Photo Friday: How We Roll

Walking with Ryan
On a walk with Ryan

Ryan and I were home together the entire day. We were supposed to play pickup ice hockey today but a misplaced helmet (later located) scuttled those plans.

So we instead we ran some errands, went out for a pizza lunch and went to a nearby walking trail for some exercise. Ryan insisted on bringing his iPod, so I brought mine. Together, we banged out a 3.5-mile walk, managing to carry on a pleasant conversation despite the headphones and music.

That’s what I call a full day.

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Photo Friday: Assistant Coach Ryan

Commuting time is my writing time, and since I will be taking many Fridays off during the brief hockey summer, I’m going to try to fill the Friday post void with photos.

Ryan aged out of the summer street hockey program, but his awesome Coach M agreed to let him help out, and even saved a team shirt for him. If you ask Ryan, he’s an assistant coach, maybe even the G.M. He made his début last night, keeping stats and cheering on the team to a 3-0 lead before the game was halted by lightning.

Ryan assistant coach
Ryan looks on in his role as assistant coach.
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Photo Friday: Smiles

I’ve been thinking about Wednesday’s post ever since I hit “publish.” Mostly the part where I talked of searching through old photos and finding so many where Ryan looked, sad, scared, detached or confused.

I talked of how I always seem to remember those photos more than the ones where we got a picture of him flashing his wonderful smile.

Well, that’s not what I want to remember. So I went back to my photo archives. It took me all of 15 minutes to put together the following collection of nothing but smiles covering those same toddler years.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Friday, everyone. Have a great weekend — full of plenty of smiles.

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