I did not have a post in mind when I left the house this morning. I had bits and pieces of one perhaps, but not enough of a common thread to pull together. Besides, I had a late beer-league hockey game last night and the thought of a nap on the train sounded appealing.  But […]

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Ignoring, Not Ignorance

It feels like just yesterday I was fighting tears at Riley’s elementary school “moving up” ceremony, having parachuted in between Games 4 and 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. And yet tomorrow the new NHL season kicks off with the opening preseason games. That will be one day after my two middle-schoolers!!!!! finish their first […]

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Dancing Man

After Friday’s rocky start and somewhat better ending — including a mutual decision with Ryan’s psychiatrist to leave him completely off medication for now — we headed into the weekend with an open mind. Our plans included a family friend’s bar mitzvah and a Devils game on Saturday — an aggressive social calendar for us. […]

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